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In August 2015, I made my first of many trips to the country of Georgia.  A country full of great history.  A very diverse and beautiful country.  A country, whose people, immediately welcomed me and treated me like family.  I was introduced to a great culture, wonderful food, and very incredible wine.  In fact Georgia is the birthplace of wine, making wine for over 8000 years.  Every trip I made to Georgia included fellowship with friends over food and wine.  As I tasted one great wine after another, I always mentioned how more Georgian wine is needed in the United States, and more need to be introduced to Georgian wine.  That is what we are striving to do at Parsons Fine Imports, to bring fine wines from the birthplace of wine to you.

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About Georgian Wine

The country of Georgia sits on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, roughly 1,000 km east of Rome—where Europe and Asia intersect. It borders on Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey, and has a square mileage slightly  smaller than the state of Maine. Georgia stretches between the Greater Caucasus Mountains to the north and the Lesser Caucasus to the south. Its capital is Tbilisi.